Michal Dobrogost Pic

Michal Dobrogost

Software Engineer at Google

MSc BMath Computer Science

MSc Advisor: Christopher Anand


Here are links to some articles and papers that I have published. Some of them contain additional resources such as source code or test set data.



I enjoy looking at discrete optimization, especially constraint satisifaction problems. I was lead into this by trying to solve the Eternity II puzzle. At one point I even had 20 computers networked up in my garage with a giant fan frantically trying to keep them cool as they churned away trying to solve it. If you invite me for a beer I'll tell you more about it.

Projects with ambitious performance goals or challenging algoirthmic requirements pique my curiosity. As does anything related to mathematics - graph theory, optimization, statistics. Randomized software testing, like quickcheck, is also interesting - mostly as a vehicle to producing working software in less time.

Most of my programming is done using functional programming languages like Haskell if I can help it although it's hard to beat C++ for speed of execution or J for speed of exploration.